matte porcelain design

about matte

One of a kind, natural, and artisan made, matte porcelain pieces reflect a clean and pure aesthetic that compliments a variety of styles. These handmade pieces convey sophistication, luxury, and individualism.

carrie norin
about the artist

Carrie is the owner and designer of matte porcelain design.  From early on, she discovered a combined passion for science and art.

Carrie is a trained evolutionary biologist and science educator who understands that art and design drive her inquiry of the natural world.

Her jewelry aesthetic is also rooted in science - balancing clean lines of modern geometry with the organic imperfection of nature.

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we use natural and high quality raw materials


Porcelain is a fine ceramic material, fired at very high temperatures, and is known for its durability and translucence. Our porcelain is either a natural bright white, or hand-tinted with minerals to achieve various colors as well as our signature matte black look. 

Sterling Silver is considered a precious metal alloy that contains 92.5% pure silver. A 925 stamp can be found on all of our silver findings and ear wires.

Gold Vermeil is a process of plating a minimum of 2.5 microns of gold directly on to a sterling silver core. All of our gold vermeil also displays a 925 stamp.

we use natural and responsible packing materials
environmental responsibility

Packing and shipping can be detrimental to the environment. At matte porcelain design, we source our products (everything from tree free business cards to recycled bubble mailers) from companies committed to environmental sustainability. To offset environmental costs we cannot control, matte porcelain design donates ONE TREE to the Arbor Day Foundation with every purchase.

take care of your jewelry

Common Sense Jewelry Care

Keep your jewelry looking its best!  

* Raw, unglazed porcelain may become darker over time as it is exposed to oils from your fingers, makeup on your face, or tarnish from sterling silver. Clean gently with mild soap and lukewarm water. Dry using a soft cloth.

* Sterling silver will naturally tarnish and gold vermeil may dull over time. A polishing cloth or silver cream can be used (many are porcelain safe; read the label before using on your jewelry).

* Store your jewelry in a closed container to prevent tarnishing and to protect the porcelain from accidental bumps and drops.

* Please remove your jewelry when sleeping, showering, swimming, and applying perfume or beauty products.