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about matte

matte was born from an appreciation for modern organic style rooted in a philosophy of slow and sustainable fashion.

We believe in quality over quantity, taking pride in the artisanship of jewelry making.

Our designs are handcrafted in small batches, using only natural and quality materials.

carrie norin
about the artist

Carrie is the owner and designer of matte.  From early on, she discovered a combined passion for science and art.

With a background in evolutionary biology, she explores her art through a unique lens - balancing the clean lines of modern geometry with the organic imperfection of nature.

Carrie sculpts and assembles all her pieces by hand in her home studio in Morris County, New Jersey. Her pieces reflect a modern and minimalist aesthetic that complements a variety of styles.

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simple + natural + balanced
small batch

Our pieces are either one of a kind designs, or crafted in small, limited batches.

Each porcelain piece is hand sculpted, gently sanded, carefully drilled, and kiln fired.

Hand cutting and sculpting create unique pieces that differ slightly from others in the series. Every piece of matte jewelry, therefore, is one of a kind.

sustainable and pure
natural materials

Porcelain is a fine ceramic material, fired at very high temperatures, and known for its durability. Our unglazed (matte) porcelain is soft white or hand-tinted with minerals to achieve various colors like our signature matte black. 

Semi-Precious Stones refer to natural minerals, rocks, or organic material used in jewelry. They span a range of colors, textures, and luster. We enjoy the stones on their own as well as pairing them with our porcelain pieces for a distinctive matte look.

Fine Metals are used in our designs: .925 Sterling Silver, .940 Argentium Silver, 14k Gold Filled, and 14k Solid Gold components. Naturally hypoallergenic, the fine metals we source are always nickel and lead free.

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